About Bosnia and Herzegovina

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About Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of unique natural diversity. Tall mountains and their lakes look down on fertile plains and plateaus through which run some of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. These rivers glide on through canyonssaturating vast karstic fields and creating magical scenery and an oasis for the birds resting here as they travel the Adriatic Flyway. Natural wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina are paradise for the soul and the eyes. If you are looking for high mountains proudly withstanding the test of time, you’ll find them in Bosnia. If you are seeking vast fertile fields and plains, where your thoughts can be interrupted only by the galloping wild horses, you’ll find them in Bosnia. If you wish to drink crystal clear river water as you lean down from a dinghy to cup it in your hands, you can do it in Bosnia. If you desire to experience Tuscany outside of Italy, then look no further from the Mediterranean Herzegovina. If you want to experience mountains, fertile fields and plains, gentle plateaus, green and blue rivers, mountain lakes, lowland lakes, the sea and a primeval forest all in one country, you’ll find them in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the one and only.

Beautifull Bosnia & Herzegovina