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RAMSKO LAKE – Where the Eagles Fly Early

While planning our vacation, during the now idealistic pre-pandemic 2018, we decided, before going to the seaside, to spend a few days at a location in our homecountry Bosnia and Herzegovina which we hadn’t visited yet. We came to a decision to visit Ramsko Lake, that true nature’s pearl, which captivated with its astonishing beauty hundreds of painters and landscape photographers to immortalise it in the unforgettable works of their brushes and cameras. The time had come for a wildlife […]

A moment of silence for a fallen owl

On a sunny June weekend in 2019, I set out to visit the mountain lake in the bosom of the Mount Konjuh called Paučko Lake and try my luck at photographing the rich wildlife of  this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Paučko Lake is a natural lake located in the forest halfway between Kladanj and the locality of Muške vode, a real place to find peace of heart and soul from the continuously distressing Bosnian topics. The lake itself is […]

The mouth of the Neretva river into the Adriatic – the place where an emerald river kisses the sea

For a long time I have had the desire to visit the mouth of the Neretva into the Adriatic Sea. Countless times I have wondered what the end of the spectacular path of one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina of emerald green colour, looks like. Of course, an additional motive is that this area is rich in birds, so I have been searching for the satisfaction of my insatiable spirit of a wildlife photographer. The Neretva […]