ISBN 978-9926-466-78-7

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Urban Lady-the phenomenon of the long-eared owl wintering grounds in the cities of northern Bosnia and Herzegovina

This impressive book has two maps, 180 excellent photos and 10 chapters of informative text in some 137 pages.

Although Almir Hukić is not an academic ornithologist, his research and text on Long-eared Owl winter habits meets high scientific standards especially when illustrated with very professional photos.

It is very useful for a foreign reader to get first a short overall text on landscape, nature and species diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Specific value in this book is the chapter on camouflage- really interesting and well-illustrated.

I am extremely happy to recommend the publication of this monograph: “The Urban Lady- The Phenomenon of the Long-eared Owl Wintering Grounds in the Cities of Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina” by Almir Hukić”.

Heimo Mikkola, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor in Zoology, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus, Finland